Hello! Let's get acquainted!

Increase company was founded in 2014 with the aim of helping farmers to effectively care for their crops under different circumstances and conditions.

Therefore, our mission is to help farmers increase the yield of agricultural crops.


We are near for your growing

Therefore, the image of our company is a manager who is always near. He put on a farmer's hat to think like farmer. And he also cares about the harvest and helps to increase it.

Our strategy is to know everything about the farmer and to be close to him in order to promptly solve his problems.

We are near, so we know everything that happens on the field

With each new season, the situation on the field changes, unique circumstances arise that require careful analysis and effective solutions. Sometimes the experience of farmers is not enough to handle it on their own.

In this case, our managers will always be able to go to the field, analyze the problem and provide recommendations for a solution. We are agricultural assistants to the farmer in identifying and solving tasks of any complexity.

Our managers are always in touch

We understand that the field will not wait, so all problems must be solved promptly. Thus, the farmer can call the manager as soon as the need arises. The manager will contact the team and ensure fast delivery of the necessary products.


The manager analyzes the problem and selects the right product at the best price


The problem is solved

Vertical Line

The farmer appeals with a problem


The logistician organizes fast delivery

We are near to solve any of your problems as soon as possible


At the beginning of our cooperation, we carefully analyze the growing conditions of a specific crop, the history and condition of the field.


Next, we discuss the result that the farmer wants to achieve and find out what he plans to achieve this goal.


Based on the analyzed information, we develop and provide recommendations on cultivation technology for each field.